James on Episode 6: The Pregnancy Police
January 11, 2012

The Royal Wedding slumber party was such fun! I loved getting the British flags and all the other stuff for it. It was so funny bumping into all the Brits at the British shop running around grabbing stuff.

I miss England all the time. I especially miss it at Christmas with the mince pies, Yorkshire puddings and Christmas pudding. I love all the typical British food- fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, good curry, shepherd’s pie, sewit pudding, roast dinner, English breakfast…the list is truly endless. BUT L.A. has sunshine!!! It makes a massive difference every day to have the sun on your face. Sometimes you don't see the sun in England for weeks and weeks... miserable.

As for Tori, I had no doubt that she could handle it all- she is a working machine!!

Dean is such a good cook and truly passionate about it. His breakfast was amazing! They have proper breakfast bacon in Canada too!

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